Syphon Filter 7

Syphon Filter 7 was has not been officially announced by SCEA but in the PSM3ís Christmas Edition, the magazine states that Sony is busting their butts to have Syphon Filter ready for release on the PS3 in 2009.

Unfortuantly though, the Syphon Filter franchise may possible be dead due to Sony Bend's possible closing. An artist on deviantART who worked at Sony Bend on the past 3 Syphon Filter games posted this on her deviantART account.

"Since a lot of kids/people seem to just assume that it never really matters - doesn't really effect anyone, so who cares, etc. Resistance Retribution for the PSP is one of the highest rated and oh, yes, highest pirated games for the system. Wooo. T_T So despite having an insanely large number of people playing online and playing the game, very very few have actually sold. And our next project got canned because of it. and everything is in limbo. And if total shit hits the fan, we might close. thanks and all."

Which basically means because of everybody who has downloaded a PSP game, much less a Sony Bend game, they have possibly caused one of the best franchises to be scrapped

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